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Creativity for Kids
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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Creativity For Kids » Carrot Stamp Caterpillar

Carrot Stamp Caterpillar

The best way to keep your naughty kids busy during the holidays is by keeping them engaged in some constructive work which would help them in the long run and make them self sufficient and independent. Indulging in arts and crafts are signs of being artistic and this is one of the easiest ways to give vent to one's creative talents.

Holidays are the only time when you can be with your kids and this is the time when you can convince them to engage in fruitful pursuits. If you help them out with their craft project they would take an extra interest in the same and you might come to position where you would find them making Christmas showers for all the relatives you can think of. Carrot Stamp Caterpillar can keep them hooked for hours. Try your hand at it.

Materials required: -

Pencil, Paper towels, Markers, Acrylic paints, Paper plates, Paring knife, Carrot and 4- by 6-inch white index card.

Procedure: -

How to create a heart Stamp
Choose a big sized carrot and cut it into halves. With a pencil etch out a heart shape into the cut surface and carve away the surrounding carrot with a paring knife. Spread different colored paints into each of the paper plates and get your kids to print a chain of hearts to make the caterpillar on the index cards. But don't forget to blot the carrot on a paper towel before switching colors otherwise one color would spill into the other. After the paint dries, draw the legs, face and antennae with markers. Include a sweet Christmas message or dedicate it to the person concerned by personalizing it.

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Creativity for Kids

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