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Tasha Tudor Christmas Book

Deck the halls with a collection of some of the works by the famous artist, Tasha Tudor. Christmas Carnivals offers information on Tasha Tudor Christmas Book to help you shop for the best of art works and similar designs and contrasts, meant for the season of Nativity.

The Christmas Village, created around 1986, measures 8" x 11".The work shows a pair of butting panels depicting of a portion of the three-dimensional Advent calendar Christmas Village (source: Philomel Books, 1984).

When it is erected, the Village constitutes four separate buildings of an early 19th century English village with buildings that exhibit Tudor architecture. The building lies at the right of the complex as pictured on the calendar folder. Tasha painted a street scene to show all the four sides of the building. In the finished calendar, this is folded at three corners and then joined to create a small rectangular building.

The dates on the building, 1588 and 1596 respectively, a coat of arms and two Madonnas standing high on the gable ends, 35 people of whom 4 were not included in the published calendar, cats, birds and dogs – are some of the details seen. A char woman empties a slop bucket from a third floor window striking a gentleman passing below. Children play in the street and a woman throws water on a dog. Tudor placed the painting atop an art which shows a watercolor sky and partial images at both ends of the central piece to lend the work a complete structure. None of the details of the background watercolor appear in the published piece.

The painting came from a Pennsylvania home. Presumably, there must be 3 other pieces in private hands that complete the construction.Born into the hardships of a farm life, Tudor's nature of self – expression goes back to the days she'd left behind. Her Christmas Book, published in 1968, harks the pre - Victorian era.

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