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Printable Christmas Coloring Books

With the computer chip ruling our lives, you don't have to wrinkle with worry if your child does not find enough preoccupation to keep her busy this Hanukkah. A kid's favorite pastime is to color as she gradually starts identifying herself with the various shades.

You can print the figures and personalize them too.

Christmas Carnivals offers online information on Printable Christmas Coloring Books.

The diagrams are outlined in black in pencil. The 3 Wise Men, dressed in Mongolian desert costumes that are long and up to the feet, are carrying expensive gifts to welcome the arrival the Advent- of Christ. The Magi are bearded and are wearing caps. The Angel is a figure of Christian piety, wearing an overflowing skirt much like that of a bride. The wand she carries is topped by a star and she stands there with a gesture of supplanting the sinning souls. The Christmas cake is laid out deliciously on a platter, waiting to be, well- not eaten- but colored so that it breathes in avid delicacy!

A Snowman and a bird are there with a Christmas conifer to accompany them. The best one by far would be a zoomed- in sketch of the reindeer, with its horns and expressive eyes staring back at you. The pictures vary from those of stuffed stockings, presents, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer and more. All you need to do is download them and get them ready in your printer. When the printable coloring page has been loaded, click on the picture to print it.

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