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The Night Before Christmas Book Bag

Night Before Christmas Book Bag is the ideal Christmas shower you can gift your kid, this Christmas. They contain all the stuffs that are likely to sweep him off his feet.

Bookmarks, Book sashes with ribbons, character danglers, Quote cards, posters, comic strips and the list goes unending.

Jack Skellington rocks. So does the rest of The Night Before Christmas crew. The popular holiday classic, The Night Before Christmas needs no introduction. Having been nominated for best original score in the 1994 Golden Globes and having featured as a nominee in the Oscars for Visual Effects, The Nightmare Before Christmas spread its charm throughout the world and captured audience which did not remain confined to kids but spilt over to their parents too.

Though originally made into a movie in 1993, the nightmare before Christmas was soon compiled into books and strips, which became so famous that they started adorning the bookshelves of kids round the world. The characters of the movie became so famous that battery operated and rechargeable plush toys of the leader of the Halloween Town, (the major figure of the movie), Jack Skellington were manufactured in large numbers and many a toys were so designed that they could talk though the contents of their speech remained confined to a few of the famous phrases from the classic film. Who can forget the historic quotes uttered by the hero, Jack Skellington and the speeches he delivered and his commands to his crew still ring in our ears.

Its fan following is merely increasing by the day and new and more innovative comic strips and books are hitting the markets.

For more details on The Night Before Christmas Book Bag log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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