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Martin Luther's Christmas Book

Reading is the best and most peaceful of all hobbies you could have. Sit by the hearth in the evenings with snow falling outside and engross yourself in a world that's galaxies away from yours. Christmas Carnivals offers online information on Martin Luther's Christmas Book.

Martin Luther (Junior)'s conception of the Nativity found expression in sermon, song, and art.

This beautiful new gift edition of a classic collection combines all three in thirty compelling Christmas excerpts from his sermon, Luther vividly portrays the human realism of the Nativity: Mary's distress at giving birth with no midwife or water; Joseph's misgivings; the Wise Men's perplexity; and Herod's cunning. Throughout, Luther poses the question: If we had lived in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, would we have believed that this newborn baby was God in human form?

And he reminds us that keeping Christmas is a round- the- year mission of caring for those in need. The nine elegant illustrations by Luther's contemporaries - including four by noted engraver Albrecht Durer - capture timeless scenes from the Christmas story. Two of Luther's beautiful Christmas carols are included on the final pages of the book as well.

Luther's simplicity comes from stating only what Scripture asserts. The three Wise Men are inferred not because the Scripture says there were three, but because there were three gifts. Luther says, "There could be half a dozen." Luther also seeks clarify the Immaculate Conception, the belief that Mary was conceived and born without sin so that Jesus could be born sinless. But, if God could cause Mary to be born in such a manner, why didn't he cause all people to be born such? He wouldn't have had to die on the Cross then.

If Mary had to be sinless in order for Jesus to be sinless, didn't the same need to apply to Mary's mother, grandmother, Great-grandmother, ad infinitum? Find all the answers at Christmas CarnivalsMartin Luther's Christmas Book.

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