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Jane Austen Christmas Book

If you are a person with a historical bent of mind who is desirous of taking a welcome break from your cliché research work but the efficient devil in you won't permit you to take life easy and relax, coax yourself into reading one of the most gripping quasi historical books that would quench your thirst for a productive reading while at the same time provide you with a break from your routine research topics.

If you want to know more about Christmas celebrations in Georgian England, Jane Austen Christmas Book can prove to be your ideal bet.

It is a gripping account of how Christmaswas celebrated with glee and grandeur in Kent and Southampton in particular and in the later Georgian era during the times of Jane Austen in general. It provides a detailed insight into the Christmas celebrations of Jane Austen and her family and makes explicit the rituals, customs and traditions that were prevalent around that time. The book consists of excerpts from Austen's own books and novels, letters, diaries, journals from her own family libraries and a whole lot of pieces and articles written by Austen's contemporaries which have been used to substantiate the facts that lurk behind these festivities.

Some of the great personalities whose feelings and experiences have been incorporated in this book are Robert Southey, John Clare, and Sir Walter Scott. Though their vivid description has essentially been confined to the rituals and customs followed and cherished by the middle class, which keeps us in dark regarding their reception and acceptance among the upper and the lower classes alike, it is a good reading and can ideally pose as a refreshing holiday treat. You are likely to discover sweet thrills, as you would be updated about things as subtle as games of charades and Christmas pudding recipes of the aforesaid era.

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