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Disney Christmas Coloring Book

Dell first published Walt Disney Christmas Coloring Book in 1953.
Ever since its publication,
it became so popular among the kids that barely would you come across a household,which did not have a copy of the same. Coloring books are hot favorites with kids as they extract a lot of fun painting the characters they like the most.

Even before a child learns to read, he is exposed to the pictures and sketches and paintings of either his favorite cartoons or general pictures pertaining to flowers, fruits, and sceneries that we get to see around us. It is a general belief that, coloring books provide the child with an opportunity to give vent to his creativity and explore his latent talents while he tries his hand at experimentation with the color palette. Many a children develop an inclination for the same; very early in their lives and many a times it takes the shape of a hobby or in many cases a mature art when one comes of age.

Walt Disney is quite a popular figure among the kids and as they get to view the videos and movies, they relate and identify with the characters immediately and take an extra interest to paint the pictures. Walt Disney has a host of other coloring books too. Most of them are available in all the lead stores of the city and there are lots of dealers who sell and market the Walt Disney books. If you don't have adequate time at your disposal to go for a shopping spree, order them online from the official Walt Disney site or any other related site. A few other Disney Coloring books are as follows: -

  • Walt Disney's world on ice large coloring book mint

  • Walt Disney 1959 disneyland authorized coloring book

  • Walt Disney's bambi - story time toddler coloring book

  • Woody Woodpecker dot book - unused - Walter Lantz

  • Uncle Wiggily coloring book - unused

  • Masters of the universe coloring book

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