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Christmas Guest Books

A guest book is a software program by which the visitors of a website are facilitated to leave a public comment. Christmas Carnivals offers online information on Christmas Guest Books. Traditionally, the term was applied to the ledgers who held the records.

In some guest-books, it is possible for visitors to express their thoughts about the site or its subject. Usually, they do not require the poster to create a user account, as it is an informal method of dropping a quick message. The purpose of a website guest book is to display the kind of visitors the site gets, including where they reside and gain back-up so that the site can be worked upon for improvement.

A Christmas Guest by David Rochelle is a story, set to verse, of a boy and his mother who are visited on Christmas Eve by an elderly lady who has seen better days. The two invite her in and stoke the fire so the unfortunate woman can warm her nearly frozen limbs. The boy makes a mug of hot chocolate for the stranger and implores her to stay when she insists on going back into the storm again. As a final gesture of kindness the boy takes his favorite red scarf and gives it to the woman for warmth. The boy runs to the window to behold an angel in a blaze of golden light, wearing a scarlet scarf. On his bed is a tiny golden angel ornament. The content of the tale, that of a Christmas miracle, is uplifting, but occasionally the verse interrupts the flow of the story. Pastel drawings with multi-patterned borders imbue the book with warmth and holiday appeal. It is aimed for the age-group 4-8.

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