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Christmas Coloring Book Pages

You don't have to wrinkle with worry if your child does not find enough preoccupation to keep herself busy this Hanukkah. A kid's favorite pastime is to color as she gradually starts identifying with the various shades. You can print and personalize the figures too.

Christmas Carnivals offers online information on Christmas Coloring Book Pages.

The diagrams are outlined in black in pencil. All you need to do is add color to these black and white sketches, for your darling kid to keep herself busy in the vacations. For example, the Christmas Bell is a picture of a church bell with ivies and cherries decorating the top. The candy cane shows a candy stick bow-tied with holly leaves. Surely, your daughter would revel coloring the Giant Snowman sitting with legs crossed beneath the Christmas tree.

Her attention will be hooked at the sight of an elaborately decorated tree, with lights and ornaments suspended down its branches. The first of the elf figures show a Christmas cherub riding a rocking horse, while the next illustrates an elf busy carving Christmas gifts out of wood in the carpenter's work-station. Mary and Baby Jesus is a child's rendition of the Virgin holding the Child in her bosom with the Star of Christmas gleaming brightly immediately behind the duo.

Other pages feature Rudolph, Santa, sleigh, train, nutcracker and the winter church, both in B/W and color. For personal use, you are free to download them and get them ready in your printer. When the coloring page has been loaded, click on the picture to print it. Surf Christmas CarnivalsPrintable Christmas Coloring Book Pages for more.
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