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Christmas Carol Trivia Book

Christmas Carol Trivia Book is essentially fun reading. Though it has incurred the displeasure of many for having omitted the recent Patrick Stewart version from its list and though many a critics have designated it as an overtly opiniated book where the author has singled out his favorites and lent them special privilege it is nevertheless not as bad as many people have tried to make it look like.

It has a fine collection of reviews about the different popular carols that have enthralled posterity for ages and if you are a fan of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, you are bound to enjoy it.

Though it cannot be denied that the author has made sharp comments about Scrooge, the movie and 'An American Christmas Carol' appeared to him as an ordinary reproduction, he has brought to the forefront the many versions in which The Christmas carol was interpreted and reinterpreted and in the process he has made available to us many important information which would have ideally gone unnoticed. The fact that there was a version starring Sir Seymour Hicks filmed back in 1935 was not known to us, until one read about it in the book and many a readers did actually take up the pain to rummage through the vast corpus of cassettes in the video libraries and emerged successful in grabbing a copy of their own.

Though the George C. Scott version received a scathing attack from the author, the biography of Dickens and the small chapters dedicated to the end of each chapter and the large gallery of pictures was a real treat.

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