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Christmas Angel Crafts

Christmas Angel Crafts make wonderful Christmas decorations. They can be placed on Christmas trees or any items of indoor or outdoor display. Given below is a list of popular Christmas Angel Crafts. Put a glance and try to make one of these unique Christmas Angel Crafts and gift them to your loved ones.

Dishtowel Angels This unique Christmas angel is made from one dishtowel, one washcloth, one potholder and ribbon. Fan Fold the dishtowel lengthwise. Fold in half and tie off about 2 to 3 inches from fold, this forms the head. Fanfold the washcloth. This forms the arms. Fanfold the potholder with the loop along top edge This forms the wings. Place the washcloth on top of the potholder and secure in the center with a ribbon.

Snow Angels Tightly stretch a 4" x 4" piece of white stocking around a ball; bind ends tightly with thread and trim off excess fabric. Push toothpick into top of cone, add glue, position ball with tied end down and push ball onto toothpick. Wrap each cone in quilt batting, overlapping ends slightly in front. Cut twelve 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" pieces of white stocking; pair fabric pieces together and sew six arms. Trim close to seam and turn right side out. Stuff the body with fiberfill glue. Attach to body with pins and low temperature glue.Glue collars, sew the hats, tie the ribbons and add lots of silver glitters.

Lace Ribbon Angels The lace ribbon angels look very cute and beautiful when placed on the Christmas tree, or as tabletop or on the window seals. They are very easy to prepare. Fan fold the body ribbon. Glue with Tacky glue at one end. Fan fold the wing pieces the same way and set one of the wing halves on each side of the body piece with glue. The Pom-Pom head will be glued in between the wing pieces. Now, just make a little bow or ribbon twist that will cover where the head/wings/body joins and glue in place. Spray some glitter on the lace ribbon angels.

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