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Christmas Angel

Christmas Angels are said to be the messenger of God. Beautiful cute looking Christmas angels symbolize love, innocence and peace. The heavenly angels are the central figure of Christmas . Christmas angels are of various ranks and orders.

Seraphim and Cherubim angels are the highest order of angels. The Archangel is a chief angel or a leader among the angels. Guardian angels are given responsibility for making all of the world’s greatest announcements.

It is the Gabriel angel who brought the news of the advent of Lord to bring peace on earth in the form of a baby boy in the womb of Mary.

Biblical stories interpret that a group of tiny angels guided Joseph and Mary on their way to Bethlehem. These tiny angels sang sweetly and made their best efforts to give comfort and care to Mary. When the couple took shelter in a manger finding no place in the inn these tiny Christmas angels cleaned the manger and made all preparations necessary for the baby’s birth.

After Christ’s birth the two trumpeting Christmas angels one dressed in pink and the other in blue played on pure silver trumpets for the glorification of the Lord. An angel in the form of a star directed the magi to the Jesus manger. Another Christmas angel told Joseph to flee to Egypt with his family.

Christmas pageantry is not complete without the Christmas angels. Models of exquisite Christmas angels decorate the nativity stable. Christmas angels are found in the form of Christmas ornaments, angel figurines, pictures and Christmas angel gifts. They are portrayed in the Christmas cards. Christmas Angels have been the subject of Christmas music throughout the world.

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Christmas Angels
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