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Swedish Christmas Carols

Swedish Christmas Carols
Christmas is the ideal season for one to sing the holy hymns and praise Lord for the glory of his reign. It is the time when the air of the church is filled with the holy echoes of the caroling sounds. People murmur the holy tunes and fill the air with joy. The love of Jesus resides in your spirits and brings a touch of heaven to the far distant land of yours. Celebrated in different ways but the warmth of the season remains the same in every corner of the world. Swedish Christmas Carols bear special significance for the land of Sweden and its people.

About Swedish Christmas Carols

  • "Now it is Christmas again, and now it is Christmas again, and Christmas lasts all the way 'till Easter".

  • These are the lyrics in one of the popular Swedish Christmas Carols. There are a lot of Christmas concerts arranged in every church of Sweden being it a famous Choir country.

  • The Christmas Carols are the best way to reflect the spirit of Christmas. December is the darkest month of the year in Sweden and so candles are the themes often found in Swedish Christmas Carols.

  • Nu tšndas tusen juleljus is a famopus Swedish Christmas song written by Swedish writer Emmy Kohler. The song is about lights that is received from candles and stars during Christmas.

  • When It's Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley is song about someone who longs for his mother residing far away at a valley. This is also a famous Christmas Carol to please the heart of the Swedish people.

  • Swedish Christmas Carols portray the special traditions of the country itself. To collect more information on Swedish Christmas Carols pay a visit to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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Swedish Christmas Carols

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