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Two thousand years ago, wise men and shepherds gathered in Bethlehem to worship a child that promised peace on earth and goodwill for all. Today Bethlehem promises a celebration for the Millennium that is rich in meaning - a journey to human heritage and a gathering of humanity for the future.

About Bethlehem

  • Bethlehem is located five and half miles from Jerusalem. No town in the world has such a glorious history or exalted status as Bethlehem.

  • It is birthplace of Jesus Christ, is three times holy, being revered by the followers of the three heavenly religions. It contains the shrine of Rachel; it is here that the Prophet Muhammad prayed on his way to Jerusalem.

  • Located on an ancient caravan route, Bethlehem has always been a mosaic of many cultures. Not only pilgrims but also numerous foreign rulers have left their trace on the town. Walking through Bethlehem's old city is like reading a book about history. Canaanite, Byzantine, Arab, Islamic, Persian, Crusader, Turkish and British culture influenced traditions and architectural styles.

  • The district of Bethlehem is divided into three ancient towns, which, together, represent the cradle of Christianity: Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. The historic cores of these towns recently underwent substantial conservation, restoration and rehabilitation.

    The Living Faithful

  • For over 2000 years, Christianity has enjoyed a continued presence in Palestine. Palestinian Christians are the "Living Faithful", who were among the first to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The coming of Islam in the 7th century did not alter the situation for the people of Bethlehem who remained Christian in their majority until this century. Historically Bethlehem has embodied hope in the minds of humankind. Its historic and sacred meaning shines like a guiding star in our consciousness.

  • The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ranks amongst the most important Christian Holy Places throughout the Christian World - perhaps it is even its holiest. Millions of Christians around the globe relate to this place through the One, Jesus Christ, who was born here. Throughout the centuries, millions of Christians have visited the Holy Land to affirm and deepen their faith.Christmas Carnivals

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